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Published: 01st May 2009
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The pride of men's closet lies in the suit that he wears. The choice of the right kind of suit lies in right kind of fabric that suits you, the thread count in the fabric, the fit and the style of the suit. The right kind of fabric selection depends on the season that you are intending to wear the suit. However there are certain fabrics that possess the capability of meeting the style needs throughout the year. Suits and the different fabrics that are used bring in the right kind of dynamism that exists in a suit. This article will help you to know about the right kind of fabric and the pattern that you need to choose for the pride of your closet.

A comprehensive list of the kind of fabrics like wool, flannel, cotton and flannel, their features and applicability to which season have been explained:

Wool: The majority of modern suits are made of the most versatile fabric, the best in comfort fabric called as wool. Wool is well- known for its feature of wrinkle resistance and great longevity capacity as compared to other fabrics. Wool is known for its high moisture absorption capacity, so you will not face any problems even if you wear the suit at some of the hottest days. Some of the common kinds of wool that are available are merino, angora and cashmere. As mentioned above wool is the fabric that can render you comfort throughout the year irrespective of the fact whether it is very hot or very cold.

Flannel: Flannel is not a much popular fabric used in the making of suits, because it is not capable of breathing much. Thus the situation in which you'll be is extremely warm. Further the fabric has lost its popularity because it does not last longer and begins to reap easily. The season which would be preferable for wearing not much popular season is winter, when the climate is very cool the flannel fabric suits are widely used.

Cotton: Cotton fabric is much used for the suits that serve the Americans and they are not sort as a much widely recognized option for the Europeans. Similar to wool, cotton fabric also has the capability to absorb moisture content throughout the year. Further the fabric is very easy to maintain and lasts longer. The most apt season that I would suggest you to wear cotton suits is spring, summer and fall.

Linen: Linen suits find their suitability in the tropical vacation, but there are many drawbacks that the fabric possesses that do not render it to suit to the requirements of the day-to-day life of men. The linen suit is very lightweight and they will provide you fruitful results during the warmer months, but it is not much crease-resistant. The most preferable season for linen suits are warm months.

These are some of the fabric choices with their relative features and their applicability to the different seasons, apart from the fabric choices some of the patterns that you need to choose are Twill, Houndstooth, Herringbone, Glenurquhart check, Windowpane check and Pinstripe

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